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HP SuperSaver Deal  04-Nov-11
HP Proliant DL140 - Quad Core Xeon, 4GB RAM, 2 TB HDD - 139.95 / Month .. Now this is called sweet Deal !

Dell Powerfull Poweredge Quad Core - Quad Processor Elite Servers   28-Oct-11
Ravand is now offering its Dell R900 Series dedicated server with 64 GB Ram and 5x450GB SAS drives for only $849.95 / Month. Upgrade to 128GB RAM for only $175 extra !

Ravand Cybertech Continues Its Partnership with SmarterTools for the Fourth Year   26-Oct-11
Ravand Cybertech, a Toronto-based premium hosting service provider, is proud to announce it has renewed its partnership with SmarterTools, the leading producer of Windows-based critical business applications for email, Web analytics and customer relations.

New Fast IO Servers   12-Jun-09
Ravand just added Dual Xeon 3.6/4GB servers equipped with 4x146GB SCSI 15K RAID 10 drives. Its priced at attracting fee of only USD $299.95 / Month. This is a fantastic deal for high IO use customers, virtualization customers and VOIP switches.

Web 2.0 and Social Networking   29-May-09
Ravand now has presence on Facebook and Twitter ! become a fan and follow what s happening at ravand ... everyday !

Windows 2008   07-Nov-08
Ravand is pleased to offer Windows 2008 standard, enterprise and datacenter edition to it's customer. If you are a new customer you can order your server with windows 2008 and if you are a current customer, you may order the OS upgrade through support.

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